About Utiket

What we do

Utiket is a meta-search website for comparing low-cost flights, trains, hotels and tours, all completely free. Utiket is the one website for all your travel needs. Read more about what we do and offer.

Who we are

Utiket is built and maintained by a dedicated team based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Read more about our team.

Past and future

Founded in 2011 Utiket is now the largest meta-search website in Indonesia and growing quickly in other countries as well. Read more about our history, achievements and plans for the future.

Business relations

With well over a million visitors a month Utiket is a very interesting place to do business. If you represent an airline or booking website who wants to be included in our meta-search, or you have any other business proposition, please read here how to get in touch with us.