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American Airlines diverts flight after passenger grabs woman by the crotch, touches her arms

10 Nov 2019 16:39:02


A passenger on an American Airlines flight has been accused of misbehaving with a woman seated next to him, according to a federal criminal complaint that was filed on Friday. The flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Salt Lake City, Utah, was diverted to Oklahoma after the incident.

As per the complaint, James Clayton Cholewinski-Boy grabbed the woman "by the crotch" ;, CNN reports. She was seated between James and her daughter. As soon as the flight took off, James began touching the woman's arm. She tried to avoid by pushing his hands away but that did not help.

James, thereafter, "forcibly grabbed her by the crotch," the complaint said. After she pushed him away and asked him to stop misbehaving, "James threw up his hands and said 'sorry,'" according to the complaint.

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