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Albany airport to consider an on-site hotel

6 Mar 2020 16:20:23


The Albany County Airport Authority is considering the possibility of locating a brand-name hotel on the airport property.

Airport Authority CEO Philip Calderone announced Friday that the authority will conduct a feasibility study of locating a hotel on the north side of Albany-Shaker Road, on land controlled by the Albany International Airport.

"Today's travelers are seeking overnight lodging in close proximity to airport terminals and parking," Calderone said. "An on-site, brand-named hotel would provide convenient access to the terminal while offering meeting rooms and a high-end restaurant to meet the needs of our region's business and leisure travelers."

The closest hotels are now the Desmond Hotel Albany on Albany-Shaker Road and more than a dozen chain hotels on Wolf Road, less than a mile away, but in a commercial corridor with some of the region's heaviest traffic. A number of those hotels brand themselves as "Albany Airport" hotels.

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