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Indonesian airport closed due to air pollution

17 Mar 2014 07:50:27


Worsening haze from forest and brush fires on Indonesia's Sumatra island has forced the closure of an international airport, officials say.

Smog pollution reached hazardous levels in the island's Riau province in the past few days, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency.

Nugroho also said it has been linked to respiratory and skin problems in about 60,000 people.

The Sultan Syarif Kasim airport in Riau capital Pekanbaru has been closed until Saturday, he said. Sixteen local and regional airlines serve the airport.

Authorities in Riau have ordered schools to close and urged residents to stay indoors, with pollution index screens in Pekanbaru displaying "Dangerous" in red.

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