utiket.com Partner program for travel agents.


The utiket partner program is specifically for travel agents with a website. The idea is simple: you as the travel agent places on your website a unique URL to the utiket webste. With this a visitor from your website will be recognized as your customer. When that customer wants to book a ticket, he will get a booking form asking for his name, email address and phone number. This information is being send to you together with the ticket the customer wants to order.

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Why should you join this program

Normally you spend a lot of time answering questions and looking up ticket information hoping the customer will actually book that ticket. Now by using this program the customer uses the utiket.com website to find the ticket he wants and this is being sent to you. You save a lot of time and you will only get serious customers who know what ticket they want. Besides this, it's also a good service you offer to your customers that they can directly see ticket prices.

Second, we will give all our visitors the option to book a ticket with you, free of charge. How does this work? Customers you send to Utiket can only book a ticket with you. But all our customers who come from other websites, Google or direct get the option to book a ticket with one of our partner travel agents. They see a list of travel agents per city and then select a travel agent of their own choice. Every day we have tens of thousands of visitors so this can mean you will receive a lot of free bookings from us.

What's in it for us?

Helping people find cheap airline tickets. This maybe sounds weird but we at utiket.com believe that by helping people, giving them good information and helping them to save money, we will also earn money. This partner program is a way for us to reach out to more people, to let more people know about us.

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