Bali History

It is believed the first population in Bali was immigrant from Asia coming to the island around 3000-2500 BC. Stone tools found in Cekik village point to this. Since the Hindu religion and Indian culture came to Bali, the pre-historical era of Bali is mostly gone. After the 1st century Balinese culture has been developing rapidly.

In 1343, Majapahit Kingdom settled small kingdom in Bali. After Islam came the kingdom of Majapahit fell in despair causing some of its leaders to move to Bali.

Cornelis de Houtman was the first Dutchman who discovered Bali in 1597, although there was a Portuguese ship stranded near Tanjung Bukit, Jimbaran in 1585. A great war happened on this island called Puputan, War till death. The Balinese people approached the Dutch guns and canons in the open armed only with spears, more than 4000 people died.

After World War II, Japanese started to occupy Bali. At that time, I Gusti Ngurah Rai made an small independence army. On November 20th 1945 another Puputan Margarana war happened between this new independence army and the Dutch army. in Marga village, Tabanan district, Bali Tengah.

Bali remained part of the Dutch territories until the Dutch conceded Indonesian Independence on December 29th, 1949. Bali then became part of the Republic of Indonesia.

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