Way Kambas National Park

Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

Way Kambas National Park

Of the many National Parks in Indonesia one of the oldest is Way Kambas National Park (Taman National Way Kambas) located in Lampung Province. The Dutch colonial Government had settled this area as a natural conservation park in 1937. In 1989, it was officially labeled as National Park by Foresty Minister. It's also the largest national park in area in Indonesia reaching out over 130,000 hectare.

This park has become an habitat for several rare animals facing extincting like the Sumateran Elephants, Rhinoceros, Tigers, Tapir, Snakes, Crocodiles and Turtles. There are also many birds living here like the myna bird, rangkong, sea eagle, and white heron. You can find some primates too here, like the gibbon, long-tailed monkey and short-tailed macaque.

The most interesting part if you visit this park is the Karangsari Elephant Conservation Center. In the conservation center, elephants are tamed and trained. You can see some elephants attractions and ride on them around the park.

Nearby is a place called Way Kanan, about 30 minutes away. You can go into the forest in Way Kanan by following a wooden track. You can walk but you can also take a boat down Way Kanan river to see the crocodiles The Park provides a fun way to get new experiences and new knowledge.

Way Kambas National Park

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Transport options Way Kambas National Park

From the city of Bandar Lampung you can use either private or rented vehicle for about 2 hours trip (3 hours from Bakauheni Harbor). You need a permission first from the management before entering the Way Kambas national park and they will provide you with one or more rangers to accompany you while in the Park.

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Bandar Lampung Travel Guide

Bandar Lampung

Bandar Lampung is the capital of Lampung Province in Sumatera Island. This city is a joint of Tanjungkarang and Telukbetung. Bandar Lampung is quite wide and lived by many kinds of ethnic groups making this city as the central of education, culture and economy in Lampung Province. Port Bakauheni is located 90 km away southern of Bandar Lampung which is also the gate for Sumatera Island. Bandar Lampung is easy to access for the location is not so far away from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.

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Flying to Bandar Lampung

Bandar Lampung is served by Radin Inten II Airport. Radin Inten II Airport is located about 23 km north from Bandar Lampung. A taxi into the city from Radin Inten II Airport would cost IDR 140.000. Read more about Radin Inten II Airport or look for flights to Bandar Lampung