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Siompu Island

Bau Bau, Indonesia

Siompu Island

Siompu Island maybe sounds unfamiliar with you. But for you who loves to do underwater sport it must be a familiar name. Siompu Island is located at Buton, Bau-Bau, South-East Sulawesi. This island is quiet famous with its nature beauty especially on its underwater beauty. This island is about 60 square kilometers. There's a lot of sharp and tough limestone rocks. The beaches on this island are also well-known for their beauty.

Siompu Island together with another surrounding islands are forming exciting coral reefs' cluster. You can enjoy the underwater beauty on this island by snorkeling. There are some snorkeling spots on this island. One of them is Tongali Ridge. It is a famous snorkeling spot. Some sharks often appear here. Don't be amazed if at 15 m depth you already able to see amazing underwater scenery. Coral flowers which grow in the coral walls mixed with colorful fishes and frisherman's trawl are the main beautiful scenery objects which you can find here to enjoy underwater beauty of Siompu Island at snorkeling spot of Tongali Ridge which has blue and crystal clear seawater.

Beside of the beaches and underwater beauty, Siompu Island also well-known for its typical orange. Majority of Siompu Island's residents is orange farmer although Siompu's topography is full of rocks but oranges able to grow well here. Siompu orange is one of rare orange and this kind of orange is not so quiet known by people but it's sweeter than Balinese orange or Sumatera orange. Price of Siompu orange is also quiet expensive. But if u buy this orange directly from farmer, you can get cheaper price than market price. Siompu orange season is at June-September in every year.

Siompu Island

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Transport options Siompu Island

From Bau-Bau City you can go to Siompu Island through:

-Jembatan Batu Port: you can use speedboat for an hour

-Toga Port: you can use small boat which is called as katinting for 30 minutes.

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