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Hoga Island

Bau Bau, Indonesia

Hoga Island

This island is one of many islands in Wakatobi National Park, Southeast Sulawesi. This Marine National Park has an area of 1,390,000 hectare with several islands. Hoga Island is a small island east of the main Kaledupa Island.

Around Hoga Island, there are several islets such as: Kaledupa, Tomia, Wangi-Wangi, Binongko and Kapota Island. Hoga Island is by some to have the most beautiful coral in the world. Hoga Island has 750 species of coral while there are 850 coral species found in the world.

Hoga island is therefore perfect for diving or snorkeling. You don't need to dive deep and even with snorkeling you can already see marvelous things. There are over 29 diving spots you can visit. You will see many anemone fishes called clown fish, barracuda pygmy or small seahorse here. There are at least 83 kinds of colorful fishes here. If you're lucky you can see sea-turtles lay eggs here in Hoga Island.

You can stay for the night here in some basic but comfortable hotels. A night starts at around IDR 100,000. Most of the rooms are made of wood, with no AC or fan. The best time to go here is between April-June or October-December.

Hoga Island

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Transport options Hoga Island

To get to Hoga Island, you need to go to Kendari first. Then you continue using boat to Hoga Island from Kendari. It will take 15 hours to get to Hoga Island from Kendari. You can also head to Hoga Island from Wanci Port in Wakatobi district. From the port you need to rent a speedboat for about IDR 150,000. It will only take 2 hours.

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Eating at Hoga Islandeating info

After diving or snorkeling, you can taste Hoga Island’s typical food. One of them is Perangi, sushi originally from Hoga Island. Fresh fishes are cleaned then soaked in lemon water for 15 minutes. You can also taste Kasuami, made of softened cassava.

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Bau Bau is served by Betoambari Airport. Bau BauBetoambari Airport is located about 5 km southwest from Bau Bau. A taxi into the city from Betoambari Airport would cost IDR 50.000. Read more about Betoambari Airport or look for flights to Bau Bau