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Beijing is the capital of the Republic of China. This city is the central point for international flights in China, one of the most crowded cities in the world and also the second biggest city in China after Shanghai. This city is also the central for politic, education and culture in China which was the host of Summer Olimpiade 2008.if you want to come to this city, you will find many unique and historical buildings and also other interesting tourism spots.


Beijing means the northern capital, but this city is usually called as Peking. The pronounciation of Peking came from Amoy dialect or Min Nan spelled in Xiamen by first European merchants in the 16th century. The word "˜Beijing' is the closest spelling in Mandarin language. This city has been several times changed the name. In the time of Jin Dynasty, this city is called as Zhongdu, in the time of Yuan Dynasty this city is called as Dadu. On January 31st 1949, in the time of Chinese Civil War, communist army came to Beijing. On October 1st 1949, under the lead of Mao Zedong, Communist Party proclaimed the birth of the Republic of China and returned the name of this city as Beijing.

Things to see

One destination you must head to in Beijing is Forbidden City located at the heart of Beijing. Forbidden City is also known as Palace Museum where there are the biggest ancient wood structur collections in the world. In Tiantan Park, usually called as The Temple of Heaven, you can see the luxurious Tiantan Temple with its beautiful ornaments. You can see various historical inheritances in Fahai Temple. One thing you should see in this place is antique mural. You can come also to Summer Palace and Prince Gong Palace for historical tours. The majesty of Bird Nest and the unique Water Cube are also waiting for you to come to in Beijing.

Things to do

You must go through The Great Wall if you are in Beijing. While walking through this 21,196 meter long wall, you can see magnificent scenery. Another wall, believed as magical wall, is Echo Wall. Echo Wall is the wall surrounding The Temple of Heaven. In this location, you can shout as loud as you can and your voice will be heard one the other side of the wall. If you want to just hanging out with your family, you can come to Beihai Park and Yihe Park. Go through Beijing Underground City and you'll surely be amazed. To satisfy your shopping desire, you can come to Silk Market, Hongqiao Market, Xidan, The Place and Panjiayuan Market.

Things to eat

One snack you can find in Beijing is Baodu. This food is made of boiled cow's or goat's innards added with special seasoning. Try to taste Jiaozi consisting of minced beef or chicken, covered-like crepe then steamed. Jian Bing is the typical crepe of Beijing you need to try. Jian Bing is one typical food of Beijing which has been known in the world. It looks like Indonesia crepe but with chewy and thin skin. There's also Tanghulu made of candied fruit. The candied fruits are usually orange, cherry, banana, pineapple, kiwi and strawberry. Don't forget to order Naicha, a refreshing milk-tea typically from Beijing.

Getting to BEIJING

Flying to BEIJING: BEIJING is served by Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport. Beijing Capital International Airport is located about 20 km northeast from BEIJING. A taxi into the city from Beijing Capital International Airport would cost 150. Read more about Beijing Capital International Airport or look for flights to BEIJINGBeijing Nanyuan Airport is located about km from BEIJING. A taxi into the city from Beijing Nanyuan Airport would cost . Read more about Beijing Nanyuan Airport.


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