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Fak Fak

Fak Fak City is the capital of Fak Fak district, Papua Barat Province, which is also one of the oldest cities in Papua. Fak Fak district itsefl is known as Kota Pala (the city of nutmeg) for the area is known as the producer or nutmegs. Fak Fak district citizen have a motto, Satu Tungku Tiga Batu (one fireplace three stones), which shows that the society think that spiritual is the most important. There are many interesting places offered by this district. You can definitely enjoy the beautiful nature scenery.

Fak Fak History

In 1898, in Netherlands governmental era, Papua was divided into 2 afdeeling or residencies. There were Afdeeling Noord Nieuw Guinea located in Manokwari and Afdeeling West en Zuid Nieuw Guinea located in Fak Fak. Then in 1952 there were 4 afdeelings where Fak Fak was included into Afdeeling West Nieuw Guinea. The last change happened in 1961, there were 6 afdeelings where Afdeeling Fak Fak on the top of 3 afdeelings, Fak Fak, Kaimana and Mimika. After the law of 1969 was arranged which arranged the autonomous in Papua Barat, then Fak Fak district was settled.

Things to see

There's an old masjid (mosque) in Patimburak village. It has been there since 200 years ago and become the oldest masjid in Fak Fak district. This masjid was built in 1870, and you can see the unique architecture, a mixed between masjid (moslem) and church. If you visit Andamata, located in Kokas district, you can see a mountain-side painting which is also an inheritance of prehistoric era called Situs Purbakala Tapurarang (Tapurarang Historic Site).

Things to do

If you are fond of fishing, you can go to Air Kitikiti. You can dive or snorkel at this place. While at Patawana Beach located more than 30 km from Fak Fak City, you can try a typical wave by surfing. The best time to visit this beach is between August and December.

Things to eat

One typical food of Fak Fak district is manisan pala (nutmeg sweets). Besides delicious, this food is also good for our health. There's also martabak sagu (sago crepe) made of softened sago then fried and poured with brown sugar.

Getting to Fak Fak

Flying to Fak Fak: Fak Fak is served by Fakfak Torea Airport. Fakfak Torea Airport is located about 6 km west from Fak Fak. A taxi into the city from Fakfak Torea Airport would cost IDR 60.000. Read more about Fakfak Torea Airport or look for flights to Fak Fak


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