Guangzhou Travel Guide


Guangzhou is the third biggest city in China and the capital of Guangdong. This city has been becoming a trading centre known since a long time ago for the strategic location on the south-end of China, directly facing South China Sea. Gunangzhou, used to be known as Canton, offers you many tourism destinations starting from shopping centre, modern tourism and historical tourism.

Guangzhou History

Guangzhou City has been existed since 214 BC and developed well under the control of Chinese Regime until the Opium War I between 1839-1842 when Guangzhou people destroyes many illegal opium smuggled by United Kingdom. The Opium War II in 1856 ended with Guangzhou occupied by United Kingdom and France army. There was a Tai Ping rebellion coming from the hostility of some dynasties at that time. Communist Government took over the control in 1949.

Things to see

Guangzhou Provincial Museum and Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family are some historical destinations you can visit. To be able to see the animal's life you can visit Guangzhou Zoo. In this area you can find Ocean World where you can see nautical life. You can see many city's landmark miniature of 100 countries in the world in Grand World Scenic Park. In South China Botanical Garden, the oldest zoo in China, you can see many species of plants.

Things to do

You can visit the highest building in China, Canton Tower. In the afternoon you can get on a cable car in the shape of transparent crystal capsule where you will be able to see Guangzhou scenery from above, in the location. If you're at the location at night, you can sail using a ferry while enjoying a romantic dinner. Guangzhou is a shopping paradise for many shoppaholics. You can go shopping at Beijing Lu and Shang Xia Jiu Lu. You can also gain some knowledge by visiting Guangdong Science Centre. So the proverb saying "ňúseek knowledge up to China' is completely true.

Things to eat

Guangzhou cuisines are known for the diversity. You can hunt complete typical foods of Guangzhou in Guangzhou Restaurant Street which is the culinary paradise. You can find many traditional foods to try. For seafood lovers, you can go to Yi De Lu, the famous seafood centre. You can taste many either modern or traditional seafood cuisines in the location.

Getting to Guangzhou

Flying to Guangzhou: Guangzhou is served by Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is located about 25 km north from Guangzhou. A taxi into the city from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport would cost RMB 130. Read more about Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport or look for flights to Guangzhou


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