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Hat Yai

Hat Yai is a city located in parts of southern Thailand. The city is also the largest city in the province of Songkhla and serves as a business center, while administrative and cultural center are located in Songkhla, the capital city of the Songkhla Province. The location is strategic because the city is adjacent to Malaysia so many tourists visit this city. In addition to Hat Yai, this city is also known as Haad Yai or Had Yai.

Hat Yai History

The name "˜Hat Yai' is a short version of "Mahat Yai". The city was previously known as Khok Sa Met Choon and it was a small village. The region was growing since rail network was built in this region. On March 16th, 1949, the region was given city status called "Thesaban Mueang". Until finally in 1995, the region's status had increased becoming "Thesaban Nakhon".

Things to see

There are some interesting places in the city. One of them you can visit is the Wat Hat Yai Nai located on Phetkasem Road. Inside the temple there is a large enough statue of Buddha, known as Phra Phutta Hatta Mongkhon. You also can visit the Tang Kuan hill where there are superb views of the beautiful hills. Also visit Hat Yai Municipal Park located in Kanchanawanit Road, Hat Yai. There is a statue of a smiling Buddha that you can see here. In addition, not far from this place there is a hill called by the name Blessing Hill, you can find a large statue of the Kuan Im Goddess looking towards the city of Hat Yai.

Things to do

One of the beaches that can be visited in this place is Samila Beach. This white sand beach offers a fairly clean white sand coupled with calm waves where you can play as much water as you want. Explore Ko Yo Island located about two kilometers to the south of the city center of Hat Yai. You can also spare the time to Piyamitir which is located about two kilometers to the south of Hat Yai city center. There is an underground cave that you can get in. Hat Yai city is also known as a shopping paradise for foreign tourists. One of them is the famous Kim Yong Market and Suntisook Market. Not only foreign tourists many local residents also shop at this place.

Things to eat

There is plenty of food offered in this city. But for those of you that Muslims should be more careful in choosing foods because not all foods sold in the city are halal (legitimate for Muslims). One food you can taste is Kway Teow Rua, a kind of boiled kwetiau mixed with spicy sour taste. Taste also a food menu which is also known as Som Tam Plara, a kind of papaya salad with the additional salted gurameh fish and beans. As for the snacks, you can try Khanom Chan, a kind of glutinous layer cake with pandan leaf aroma.

Getting to Hat Yai

Flying to Hat Yai: Hat Yai is served by Hat Yai International Airport. Hat Yai International Airport is located about 9 km southwest from Hat Yai. A taxi into the city from Hat Yai International Airport would cost THB 250. Read more about Hat Yai International Airport or look for flights to Hat Yai


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