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Travel Guide JAYAPURA


Jayapura in one of some big cities in Papua. Papua is the eastest territory of Indonesia. This island is split into 2 parts, the western part belongs to the republic of Indonesia and the eastern part belongs to Papua New Guinea. It is indeed that Papua located far away from economy central of Indonesia, but yet there are many tourists come to Papua for its several exotic tourism spots. The unspoiled nature and primitive culture are await for you to explore.

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Papua used to be known as Hollandia, derived from Hol (arch) and Land (land). Hollandia itself means a place with bay. The name "œHollandia" was given by Captain Sanches (a Dutch) in 1910 for this city has so many bays similar to the northern beach line of Netherlands. The name then was changed into Kota Baru and Sukarnopuro before changed becoming Jayapura in 1968 until now. The word "œJayapura" itself comes from Sansekerta language. "œJaya" means victory and "œPura" means pura, so Jayapura means a victory city. Jayapura has been used for a place to stop by for foreigners such as Spaniards represented by an explorer team led by Ynico Ortis De Fretes. He arrived in Papua and gave this place a name "œNova Guinea" in 1545. In 1942, Papua was occupied by Japanese which then outcasted by alliance army. Papua was also once used as a basecamp by General Douglas MacArthur.

Things to see

To enjoy Papua's scenery from up of of a hill, you can come to Polimak. Polimak is the name of an area in Jayapura which has high hill. From this hill, you can see the beautiful expanse of Jayapura and in the afternoon we can see an amazing sunset. Sentani Lake, one famous lake in Jayapura also offers you a beautiful view. You can enjoy its natural scenery to feed your eye.

Things to do

Raja Ampat is one main torism spot in Jayapura. A beautiful nature of Papua is undebatable, it's even known well in the world. Many endemic species of fish and corals in Raja Ampat make this place becoming one favorite spot for diving. You can also swim, fish, and go around using a boat at Base G. Beach. This beach is always crowded by many tourists. If you're looking for souvenirs such as Batik Papua, Noken and Koteka, you can come to Hamadi Market where you can find various souvenirs with various prices also.

Things to eat

One food typically from Papua is papeda. It looks like glue made of sago. It's cooked by mixing sago flour with boiled water then stir it until loamy. Papeda is usually served with yellow fish broth. Other foods made of sago are sago cake and bagea, made of dried sago filed with brown sugar then roasted. There's also steamed fish. Jayapura is rich of sea products, so there are many sea culinary food are easily to be found here such as steamed fish. It's made of tuna.

Getting to JAYAPURA

Flying to JAYAPURA: JAYAPURA is served by Sentani International Airport. Sentani International Airport is located about 40 km west from JAYAPURA. A taxi into the city from Sentani International Airport would cost IDR 400.00. Read more about Sentani International Airport or look for flights to JAYAPURA

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