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Teluk Triton

Kaimana, Indonesia

Teluk Triton

Papua, an island with a huge diversity in nature, is located in the easternmost part of Indonesia. Its remote location makes it a hidden treasure not visited by many tourists. Papua offers a beautiful version of every kind of nature from around the world. Teluk Triton Gulf is one example of new ecotourism with astonishing scenery, besides the more famous Raja Ampat and Wakatobi. Teluk Triton is located in Kaimana District in Papua Barat Province about 40km southeast from Kaimana city.

The Gulf of Teluk Triton has a promising potential as a new popular ecotourism destination in Indonesia. The local government is trying at least by for example cooperating with the Conservation International Indonesia (CII). Best to visit Teluk Triton now before it becomes very popular.

Teluk Triton offers many different types of things to see and do, from historical relics to cultural performances to beautiful diving spots. In Maimai, tourists can see prehistoric paintings on the precipice of calk-cliff. Some of the motifs are human figures but also plants and reptiles are depicted. These prehistoric artifacts were made in the Mesolitikum age.

Like at many places around Papua also Teluk Triton offers beautiful underwater and above water scenery. In this gulf you can easily meet a group of whales showing the spray out water attraction that you can watch from a boat in front of Lobo village. The local inhabitants don’t hunt the whales so they can live in relative peace here. How rare is that.

For those who want to go diving or snorkeling, this gulf offers an beautiful scenery under water and it can be called as one of the best diving destinations. Based on survey conducted by CII, there are about 868 species of coral fish, about 471 species of coral and 560 species of Bank Heal Seascape. Divers can also find other animals like 28 species of lobster.

Unfortunately, you can not get any diving or snorkeling equipment at Teluk Triton yet so you would have to bring the equipment youself.

Teluk Triton

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Transport options Teluk Triton

From Kaimana you can go to Teluk Triton by local government's speedboat or community's longboat for about 45 minutes.

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