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Air Mata Belanda

Labuha, Indonesia

Air Mata Belanda

Labuha, the capital of Halmahera Selatan District, North Maluku Province, has a variety of interesting attractions, one of which is a nature-themed attraction. Of various nature-themed tourist attractions, the one you can find in the city located on the island of Bacan is Air Mata Belanda (Tear of Netherlands).

The name of this attraction does sound pretty unique. According to the story, the name was motivated by a legend that ever existed in this place. Previously there was a Dutch family who were traveling around the river located on Tear of Netherlands. At the moment, there was an eating utensil fallen into the river. They intended to pick it up but the river washed it away and then they cried mightily.

This Air Mata Belanda tourist attraction is a river that has a vertical semi rapid. The river water is very clean, clear and cool. Moreover this place somewhat into the inland so that the environment is still very beautiful and natural. Playing down the river and on water is a fun activity that you can do here. Cool, calm and natural attractions make this the ideal place to unwind your tiredness and get away from the noise of the city for a while.

Air Mata Belanda

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Transport options Air Mata Belanda

You can rent a vehicle from Labuha city center or use chartered public transportation to get to the Air Mata Belanda. But to actually get to the location of Air Mata Belanda you have to do trekking through tropical forests and grasslands as far as one kilometer and then head up the river. The starting point of this trekking is behind Halmahera Selatan District office, not far from Labuha city center. There is one thing you should keep in mind during the trekking, do not pick fruit from trees with a red or yellow ribbon tied because according to local residents if anyone dare to take the fruit, he/she will be exposed to a witchcraft.

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