Lhokseumawe is a city located in Aceh Province. This city is an important distribution and trading route for Aceh for it's located between Banda Aceh and Medan. There are many things you can get in this city, including several fascinating tourism objects.


Lhokseumawe was taken from Lhok which means bay and Seumawe which means circling or estuary is Aceh language. There's another opinionsaying that Lhokseumawe was actually taken from a man's name, Teungku Lhokseumawe buried in Uteun Bayi settlement which is the oldest settlement in Banda Sakti sub-district. Lhokseumawe used to be a part of Aceh Sultanate in 1524. Before the 20th century, this area was ruled by Uleebalang Kutablang until 1903 when Aceh was occupied by Netherlands. The Lhokseumawe was taken by Netherlands and given a title as Bestuur Van Lhokseumawe. In the proclamation of Indonesia Independence time, Lhokseumawe was united with Bestuurder Van Cunda. So many people from Buloh Blang Ara, Matangkuli, Lhoksukon and surrounding then came to stay.

Things to see

You can visit the old custom house of Cut Nyak Meutia, one female independence hero of Indonesia. Her house used to be used by her to lead and arrange battle strategy. Another is Pahlawan Cot Plieang Monument built to honor a hero named Teungku Abdul Jalil Cot Plieng who died fighting Japanese army. There are also several cemeteries of royal family one ruled in Lhokseumawe like the cemetery of Teungku di Iboih, Batee Balee and Queen Al-Aqla.

Things to do

One interesting tourism spot you can come to is Ujong Blang Beach where you can see beautiful beach scenery and sunrise. In Krueng Sawang bathing place, you can soak yourself into clear-water river. In this natural location, you can also camp and enjoy durian for this area is known as durian producer. There are also Sawang and Ulee Rubek Beach, where you can swim there and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Things to eat

You need to try clams with pineapple condiment you can easily find in every restaurants at night. This food is made of cleaned dara clams which mixed only with salt. You can just dip it into pineapple condiment made from mashed pineapple with salt and pepper. There's also Sate Matang made of lamb and look a bit like lamb curry. Don't forget to try Pancung Coffee uniquely brewed for this coffee is brewed with a fabric.


Flying to LHOKSEUMAWE: LHOKSEUMAWE is served by Malikus Saleh Airport. Malikus Saleh Airport is located about km from LHOKSEUMAWE. Read more about Malikus Saleh Airport or look for flights to LHOKSEUMAWE


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