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Taman Safari II Prigen

Desa Jatiarjo, Kecamatan Prigen, Jawa Timur 60261, Indonesia, Indonesia

Taman Safari II Prigen

The second of the Taman Safari Indonesia parks, Taman Safari Prigen, is located in the village Jatirejo, Prigen district, at the foot of Mount Arjuno. At an altitude of around 800 meter Taman Safari Prigen is a wildlife sanctuary conservation area of 340 ha. To get around at the Safari Park, visitors are obliged to use the available car or bus.

The atmosphere is cool and fresh since the Park is on the slopes of Mount Arjuno. The spectacular views and fresh air make you feel comfortable and not want to go back to the hassle of the big city.

The park area is divided into three zones, namely:

1. Animal natural habitat zone, a place for wildlife to live in their natural habitat. This area is divided into four based on where he would normally live, namely: the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia region.

Taman Safari II Prigen

Entering the Americas you will first be greeted by a polar bear, a quite interesting view in this tropical climate. Most of the animals here roam freely according to their habitat. The second area is Asian and here many dangerous animals roam around: visitors are prohibited from opening the window as here are a bunch of tigers, lions and crocodiles. Further into the Asia region the animals are mainly native Indonesian. In the African area you can see the typical African elephants, Hippos, Zebra and many more.

2. Recreation zone. Attractions around wildlife and children's games such as a children park, rollercoaster, mini train, mini cars, and the castle of mystery which has an entry fee of Rp 40,000 and Rp 10, 000 per game.

3. Baby zoo zone. Here tourists can interact with the animals and learn more about the wildlife. Children can play and have pictures taken with the animals.

Taman Safari II Prigen

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Transport options Taman Safari II Prigen

With public transportation from Surabaya or Malang head for the Palang Sukorejo then switch to taxi or another bus. Distance between Safari Park and Surabaya city is about 55 km, from Malang about 30 km.

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Opening hoursopening hours

Open everyday (Monday-Sunday) start from 08.30-17.00 WIB.

Ticket fees ticket fee

The entrance fee of the Taman Safari Prigen is around Rp. 70,000 per person and Rp 65.000 (for kids 1-5 years old)

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