Mount Semeru

Malang, Indonesia

Mount Semeru

Semeru Mountain is the highest mountain on the island of Java, with its peak at 3.676 meters. The crater of the mountain is called Joggring Saloko.

It takes approximately four days for a round-trip climb of this mountain. You start at the last village at the foot of Mount Semeru namely Ranu Pani, where you have to get permission to climb and pay the entrance fee of Rp 6,000 (Rp 2,000 for the ticket into the park, and Rp 2,000 for insurance). A group can be maximum 10 people.

Climbers who brought the tent will be charged Rp 20,000 and Rp 5,000 for if you carry a camera.

In Ranu Pani you will find some basic lodging and cafes. Here you can find a guide, often a local resident, who helps to show direction or good climbing routes and carries stuff for cooking.

From Ranu Pani there are also two lakes you can visit: Lake Ranu Pani and Lake Ranu Regulo are both situated at an altitude of 2.200 meters.

Arriving at the Welcome Gate will have two alternate routes, besides the usual route there is also a shortcut which is very steep and dangerous for a beginner.

After walking about 5 km you will be get a beautiful view of flower beds of edelweiss with many pine trees which makes the air fresh and cool. To reach Ranu Kumbolo still have to walk 4.5 km. There is some basic lodging for hikers or you can also set up your own tent. The best views are in the morning with the sunrise from behind the hill.

The mountain is included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This National Park consists of Pegunugan and Valley area of 50273.3 hectares. There are several Mountain and Lakes in the Tengger caldera namely:

- Mount Bromo with a height of 2392 meters

- Mount Batok with a height of 2470 meters

- Mount Seat with 2.581 meters height

- Mount Watangan with a height of 2.662 meters

- Mount Wididaren with a height of 2.650 meters

- Lake Ranu Pani

- Lake Ranu Kumbolo

- Danuau Regulo and

- Lake Darungan

Because of the wide area of this National Park you can find here a variety of flora and fauna, among others: Casuarina, Acacia, Pinus, Type Jamuju, Kirinyuh, Alang-alang, Harendong, Orchid Endemic and of course Edelwais. For its own fauna, among others: Tiger beetles, leaf monkey, civet, deer, hare, grouse, etc..

Mount Semeru

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Transport options Mount Semeru

To climb this mountain you need to take a bus from the bus terminal in Malang to the village called Tumpang. Here you can continue your journey to Ranu Pani by renting a jeep or a truck at a cost of Rp 20,000 per person.

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