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Manokwari, the capital of Papua Barat Province, is located on the northern coast of Papua. This city is known as the City of Fruit for the many fruits you can find. Manokwari has some beautiful spots visited by both domestic and international tourists.

Manokwari History

The name Manokwari is derived from Biak Numfor language which means old village. This city is known for its long history which started when two German missionaries, Carel Willem Ottow and Johann Gotlob Geisler arrived on 5 February 1855 to introduce Christianity to the local people. The missionaries made this city the oldest governed city in Papua. The anniversary of Manokwari is on November 8th, 1898 when the first government post was opened by the Dutch in Manokwari.

Things to see

For some history you can see the Japanese Monument which remembers the arrival of the Japanese army in Manokwari. You should also see the local tradition of calling fish using a whistle made of clams. If you want to see this unique tradition you can go to Bakaro Beach.

Things to do

You can go to Gunung Meja Forest for jungle trekking and enjoy the fresh air. The best place to fish is at Makabori Lake; which is simply filled by fishes. Or you can go to Maruni Beach if you prefer to fish in the sea.

Amban Beach is good for surfing as the waves are quite big and the sand is soft. Diving can be done at many places but Teluk Doreri (Doreri Bay) is a popular one as you can see several sunk Indonesian ships.

Things to eat

A typical delicacy of Manokwari is papeda, also known as sagu porridge. Papeda is made from sagu flour and is eaten along with kuah kuning (yellow sauce) made from tuna mixed with turmeric and lime. You should also try the roasted fish of Manokwari. The last but not least is sagu lempeng. This dish is usually served as snack with coffee or tea.

Getting to Manokwari

Flying to Manokwari: Manokwari is served by Rendani Airport. Rendani Airport is located about 5 km southwest from Manokwari. A taxi into the city from Rendani Airport would cost IDR 50.000. Read more about Rendani Airport or look for flights to Manokwari


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