Koka Beach

Maumere, Indonesia

Koka Beach

This dream beach is located in Wolowiro village, Paga sub-district, East Nusa Tenggara Province. This beach is one of main destinations when in Maumere, even when it is full 48 km away.

The white sand, coral reefs and blue sea make the view beautiful. The sea is still pristine and unspoiled, the beach is made of fine white sand and the coral is still untouched. It is a great place for diving but even more for surfing.

For surfing it is one of the best places in the neighborhood as the waves can be quite high, up to 1,5m with a strong flow.

Koka Beach

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Transport options Koka Beach

The problem with the beach is access as there is no bus or anything and you are forced to hire a car or motorbike to get here.

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Maumere Travel Guide


Maumere has world-famous tenun ikat (bundle weaving fabric). Maumere is also an area which always exports some commodities like cocoa, banana, copra and hazelnut. This city is located in Sikka district, Nusa Tenggara Timur province and also the eastern-side entrance gate to Flores Island for the biggest airport in Flores Island is located in this city.

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Flying to Maumere

Maumere is served by Frans Xavier Seda Airport. Frans Xavier Seda Airport is located about 4 km southeast from Maumere. A taxi into the city from Frans Xavier Seda Airport would cost IDR 40.000. Read more about Frans Xavier Seda Airport or look for flights to Maumere