Melonguane Travel Guide


Melonguane is the capital of Talaud district, South Sulawesi Province. This district area is the northest area of the Republic of Indonesia. This area is at the border with Davao City in Phillipine. The sea and small islands scenery is the typical we can see while in Melonguane. Those sea and small islands look like hugging while offering beautiful panorama you don't want to miss.

Melonguane History

There was an island cluster on the edge of Pacific area which is wealthy enough just by using barter as trading system and spices as their main commodity. The cluster was called as Porodisa. Arrival of European like Portuguese and Spaniard did change this condition in Porodisa. They tried to monopolize all spices causing many rebellions and fading the wealthy condition for people of Porodisa. This Porodisa which is now becoming Talaud Islands.

Things to see

Enjoy the beauty of white sand rug covered by green trees in Sara Island. In this island, you can see directly the habitat of Maleo bird, ketam canary and parrots. In Lake Sarro, you can see the beauty and mild nature scenery integrated with Tuabatu settlement. This settlement is a tropical forest conservation having hog as the endemic animal. Are you brave enough to see skulls and human bones? You can see them directly by coming to both Totombatu and Larenggam Cave.

Things to do

Garat, Nusa Dolong, Nusa Topor and Malo Island are the perfect location for diving to see beautiful underwater consisting various fascinating sea-creatures. For you who love adventure, you can try to hike on Mount Piapi which is the highest mountain in Talaud district. As you arrived at the top of Mount Piapi, you can see whole scenery of Talaud district. Get your perfect angle at Ampapitu Waterfall or the horizon of Melonguane Beach when sunset comes.

Things to eat

Sagu is the main meal in Talaud district. But cassava can also easily to be found in this district. From both ingredients, you can find several typical foods like bangket sagu cookie. It's been a while for Talaud district being known for this cookie. There's also sagu roll cake which looks like roll cake made of flour you can find in this city. For foods made of cassava, you can try to taste kue ubi kering (cassava cookie) of Talaud.

Getting to Melonguane

Flying to Melonguane: Melonguane is served by Melonguane Airport. Melonguane Airport is located about 1 km north from Melonguane. Read more about Melonguane Airport or look for flights to Melonguane


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