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Anambas Islands

Natuna, Indonesia

Anambas Islands

Anambas Islands are part of the group of islands of the Riau Islands province. This beautiful archipelago is located in Anambas Island district which is the result of the expansion of Natuna district and has Tarempa as its capital city. The islands are located in the South China Sea between East Malaysia, West Kalimantan and so its location is strategic because it is directly adjacent to Singapore and Malaysia. There are about 238 islands in the archipelago with tourism potential and charming biodiversity.

Anambas Islands are one exotic tourist spot, this archipelago is also one of the most beautiful tropical islands in Asia, according to research conducted by pollsters both inside and outside the region, this archipelago has some beautiful beaches by sea water attraction with a clear captivating underwater scenery combined with the charm of white sand. Anambas Archipelago is a paradise for divers. Even foreign tourists are more familiar with this archipelago than local tourist islands themselves. Some islands in the archipelago are also favorite place for the turtles to lay their eggs.

Some interesting attractions at this place include Selai Island, the Bawah Island, Berhala Island and Padang Melang Beach. Each of these sites has its own perks. As in Selai Island, there are several dive spots suitable for beginners who want to try diving sport. Whereas in the Bawah Island there is a lagoon or small sea water lake located in shallow seas where you can clearly see the fish and coral reefs from above the water surface.

Padang Melang Beach is also not less interesting. This beach is the longest beach in the Anambas archipelago with a curved shape and is surrounded by hills. For Berhala Island, quiet, do not think that the people who inhabit this island are idolaters. No, not that! The island is very beautiful and is one of the best snorkeling and diving location that exist in Anambas Archipelago. In addition there are several other interesting attractions such as the quite unique Temawan Beach and Mengkait Island which is a fishing village which is quite natural that you can visit.

Anambas Islands

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Transport options Anambas Islands

There are two options in how to get to Anambas Archipelago, namely:

Sea route: there are two ships serving the route to Anambas Islands, the Pelni Ship which has twice a week departures and pioneer ship which has two departure routes so that departure time is not fixed. If you use the sea route, it usually takes 18-20 hours trip.

Air route: You can start a departure from Tanjung Pinang and Batam towards Natuna Airport. From Natuna Airport, you can go to Matak using ground vehicles and then continued with a boat heading to Tarempa in Anambas Islands.

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