Lampu Island

Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia

Lampu Island

Lampu Island is an island located in Belinyu sub-district, Bangka district, Bangka Belitung Province. This island is as large as Lengkuas Island in Belitung district and both of them have lighthouse. According to local people, this island was named as Lampu Island for you can find lamp's light from the lighthouse in Lampu Island. But there are several people call Lampu Island as Pelepas Island. It's called so because many fishermen stop by in this island just to take a rest for a while.

The lighthouse in this island was built by the Dutch. This 50 meters lighthouse was named as H.M. Koningin Wilhelmina Lighthouse and once restored in 1893. Standing on the lighthouse you will be able to see great scenery consisting of sea, islands, and also Bangka Island in the distance.

Swimming on the clear water area of Lampu Island is one activity you can do. If you want to see Lampu Island's beauty from every corner, you can rent a boat to go around this island. You can completely go around this island within a day for this island is a bit small. The price you must pay depends on the bargaining with the boat's owner. This uninhabited island is worth to visit for you will be able to enjoy the exoticism of pure nature.

Lampu Island

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Transport options Lampu Island

You can use either private or rented vehicle from Pangkal Pinang City heading to Penyusuk Beach for about three hours via Sungailiat and Belinyu City. As you arrive in Penyusuk Beach, you can rent a fishermen's boat heading to Lampu Island. If you use a wooden boat, you need to pay for about IDR 15,000 per person. But if you use a speed boat, which able to carry up to 10 passengers, you will be charged for about IDR 50,000 per person. Don't forget to bring your own meals before going to Lampu Island for there are no restaurants or shops on the island.

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Pangkal Pinang is served by Depati Amir Airport. Depati Amir Airport is located about 6 km southeast from Pangkal Pinang. A taxi into the city from Depati Amir Airport would cost IDR 70.000. Read more about Depati Amir Airport or look for flights to Pangkal Pinang