Tamborasi River

Pomala, Indonesia

Tamborasi River

You know where the shortest river in the world is? The first one is Reprua river in Abkhazia, republic of Georgia with a length of jusy 18 metres. In Indonesia is the second shortest river in the world with a length of approximately 20 metres and width 18 metres.

This river is located in Tamborasi village Southeast Sulawesi Province, approximately 90 km northwest of Kolaka city. The water is clear and the cool air combined with the trees on the river banks making this place ideal for relaxing and loose any stress you may have. The forest on the banks of Tamborasi river is occupied by many animals, among them several animals from Sulawesi like the gold-fur monkey.

The river is made more exotic and attractive by the white sand on its edges. This is because the river flows into Tamborasi beach. Beside the white sand there is another peculiarity. When you are at the beginnin of the river, you can feel cold water. However, when you are at the beach, you can feel more warm water.

Tamborasi River

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Transport options Tamborasi River

Getting to Tamborasi river from Kolaka will take you through a beautiful landscape for about two hours. Best to hire a car in Kolaka to make the trip and back.

Flying to Pomala

Pomala is served by Sangia Nibandera Airport. Sangia Nibandera Airport is located about km from Pomala. Read more about Sangia Nibandera Airport or look for flights to Pomala