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Ruteng is a developed city located in Flores Island. Ruteng is located exactly on the bottom of Mount Anak Ranaka and has an interesting and beautiful tourism potential. Citizens of Ruteng are dominated by Manggarai tribe known for their hospitality but a bit shy for their custom outfit, sarung hitam (black sarong). This surrounded by paddy fields city is known for mild and calm atmosphere suitable for vacation. Ruteng is also known as Kota Seribu Gereja (the city of thousand churches) for there are many churches in Ruteng. And also "œNegeri Di Atas Awan" (the city above the cloud) for the location is on highlands.

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RUTENG History

Ruteng is the capital of Manggarai making the history of Ruteng is connected with Manggarai's history. Manggarai has been influenced by many other areas like Chinese which has influenced Manggarai much since the early century. It "˜s supported by many Chinese inheritances like jars, mirrors and bronzes. Flores has also influenced by Majapahit, Bugis, Makassar Kingdom, Bima Sultanate and also Netherlands who conducted 3 expeditions to Manggarai, in 1850, 1890 and 1905. Netherlands influenced Manggarai by building some schools.

Things to see

For having a historical trip in Ruteng, you can see Ruteng Chapel located at the centre of the city. This building has two high towers. This chapel is tens years old and the rooms are filled with pillars decorated with beautiful interior. To be able to see Ruteng's culture, you can come to Wae Rebo. You can see the original tradition of Ruteng's people in their unique custom house's architecture and beautiful villages on the bottom of a mountain. Seeing cave scenery in Ruteng is also fascinating for there are many caves you can find here. You can come to see for yourself in Galang and Liang Tanah Cave.

Things to do

There are many things you can do in Ruteng. For you who love hiking, you can try to hike on Mount Kanana. If you're fond of swimming or any water sport, you can do several water sport activities at Sengari Beach or enjoying the wave of Cepi Watu Beach suitable for surfing. Don't forget to buy kain ikat typically from Ruteng and many other souvenirs while at those locations.

Things to eat

It's true that you can't find many typical food and beverage of Ruteng, but one famous food of Ruteng is Kompiang. It's a cookie look-loke steamed bun consisted of chickens, porks or beefs. One typical beverage of Ruteng is Coffee Ruteng. This coffee is like no other for this coffee is thicker and contains more caffeine than other coffees you may find in other places.

Getting to RUTENG

Flying to RUTENG: RUTENG is served by Frans Sales Lega Airport. Frans Sales Lega Airport is located about 2 km -km- from RUTENG. Read more about Frans Sales Lega Airport or look for flights to RUTENG

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