Pandan Beach

Sibolga, Indonesia

Pandan Beach

Pandan Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Sibolga. Sibolga is a city located on the western coust of North Sumatra famous for its many beaches and good dive spots. Pandan Beach is located 15 kilometers south of the city and it is a popular destination on both normal and holidays.

At the beach we can look over the Tapanuli Bay in which Sibolga and this beach is located. On the right side is a lush green seperating the beach and the nearby village of Pandan from the city of Sibolga. Here the seawater is bluish green and quite clear. The water is calm so it is safe and comfortable to swim but don't head to far out. The sand at Pandan Beach is white and very soft and pretty clean, unlike at other places you will not find trash scattered around.

A few trees provide some shade and there are several gazebos and mats you can use if you are tired. At dusk you will be treated with a great sunset on the beach.

Do not worry getting hungry as there are many food hawkers at Pandan Beach going around selling mouth watering local food. For those who want to stay close at the beach you can stay in the Hotel Bumi Asih Pandan Beach Resort, located right on the beach.

Pandan Beach

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Transport options Pandan Beach

From Sibolga you can get here by using public transportaction to Kota Pandan. The fare will be only Rp 3,000 per person.

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Sibolga Travel Guide


Sibolga was a small village located at Tapian Nauli Bay at first. As the time goes by, this village has been becoming a stop-by place for both merchants and citizens coming from either inside or outside of Sibolga. There are many tourism spots offered in Sibolga, like underwater of Poncan Gadang Island and natural tour on Tor Simarbarimbing Mountain

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Flying to Sibolga

Sibolga is served by Ferdinand Lumban Tobing Airport. Ferdinand Lumban Tobing Airport is located about 30 km south from Sibolga. Read more about Ferdinand Lumban Tobing Airport or look for flights to Sibolga