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Travel Guide Sibu


Sibu is the name of an island and also the name of the district capital of Sibu in Sarawak state, Malaysia. The town located in between Bintulu and Kuching is majority inhabited Chinese. Natural beauty is a main dish that you can enjoy while here. For anyone who has ever been to Sibu, it can be sure that there will always yearn to come back.

Sibu History

Prior to June 1st, 1873, Sibu was known as Maling. The name derives from the name of Tanjung Maling, a winding area on the banks of the Rajang River. Formerly Maling was a small village with a settlement that has a population in which their houses made of wood and roof. At that time the major populations were ethnic Malay, while Chinese was a minority into the population. In 1841, James Brooke, known as the White Rajah of Sarawak lead and on June 1st, 1873, James Brook established territories section called Buah Sibau. Buah Sibau is an Iban word referring to the many local rambutan fruit found in this region. Gradually the name was changed to Sibu region until now.

Things to see

In this city you can see the tallest building which is the landmark in Sibu Sarawak, this is Wisma Sanyan. You can also see the old temple pagoda-shaped building called the Tua Pek Kong Temple. Lau King Howe Hospital Memorial Museum is the first medical museum in Malaysia where you can see various collections of medical equipment and uniforms used by employees of Lau King Howe Hospital. While in Sibu Heritage Centre you can see various collections of historical relics of Sibu in the past.

Things to do

Panoramic beauty of the beach, ocean clarity and variety of marine life in the waters stored in Sibu Island are things you can enjoy at any time in there. Go swimming, fishing, snorkeling or diving. For those of you who are planning for a honeymoon, Sibu is the right choice. Capturing the panoramic horizon at sunset is a moment that you should not miss. For those who like adventure, Sibu has been providing varius options for trekking route you are going through. You can leisurely stroll in Gu Tian Garden and Sibu Lake Garden while enjoying the beautiful scenery. For shopping agenda, you can spend some time visiting Wisma Sanyan or Star Mega Mall. There is also Sibu Night Market which is open between the hours of 19:00 to 23:00 local time. Here you can buy various souvenirs of Sibu.

Things to eat

Culinary in Sibu is heavily influenced by Chinese culture. Some cuisines you can taste are Kam Pua, a noodle dish using lard or vegetables oil, fried shallots and leeks. This food is widely available in almost all food stalls in Sibu. To eat it is usually accompanied by Bian Nyuk, a meat dumpling. You can also taste Dueng Mian Ngu, a savory soup with soft rice cake. Enjoy the delights of Bek Ding Yuok, a soup dish made from eight types of Chinese herbal materials. Do not miss to taste the famous Indian rojak style in Sibu with the name Rojak Kassim.

Getting to Sibu

Flying to Sibu: Sibu is served by Sibu Airport. Sibu Airport is located about 20 km southeast from Sibu. A taxi into the city from Sibu Airport would cost MYR 45. Read more about Sibu Airport or look for flights to Sibu