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Sorong, known as the city of oil, ia an old city located in Papua Barat Province. In this city, you can see lots inheritances of old oil company belong to Netherlands who once ruled here in the city. Though this city is known as the city of oil, Sorong has some exotic places to visit which is also the gate to Raja Ampat.

SORONG History

The word "œSoren", taken from Biak Numfor language, is the origin of the name "œSorong". This word means deep and wavy sea. The first people who used the word "œSoren" come from Biak Numfor tribe who sailed and stayed at Raja Ampat Islands. This tribe was named Daratan Maladum which included in Sorong City territory as "œSoren". But several merchants of Maluku, Chinese, Sangihe, Talaut and some European Missionaries called it as Sorong.

Things to see

You can see habitats of some rare kinds of turtle in Yamursa Medi village, Wau district Abun and Sausafor. You can also see thousand bats and sea eagles living free in Um Island. For you who love nature scenery, you can come to Katatop Beach which has beautiful and interesting island groups to see.

Things to do

For you who are fond of surfing, you can go to Walio Beach and a beach located in Moraid village. If you seek for swimming or snorkeling, you can just go to Tanjung Kasuari Beach for the beach is suitable to do such activities. Buaya spot is a great spot for you if you like fishing and swimming. You can also try to soak in Klaijili hotspring, believed to be able to heal kinds of skin disease.

Things to eat

One famous typical food of Sorong and worth to try is roti abon gulung (shredded roll). This food is rolled with some shredded flavor on the inside and out and this food is quite big with soft texture. Try also keripik kedelai (soybean chips). This delicious and crispy chip is made of taro.

Getting to SORONG

Flying to SORONG: SORONG is served by Domine Eduard Osok Airport. Domine Eduard Osok Airport is located about 8 km southeast from SORONG. A taxi into the city from Domine Eduard Osok Airport would cost IDR 150.000. Read more about Domine Eduard Osok Airport or look for flights to SORONG


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