Pantai Maluk

Sumbawa, Indonesia

Pantai Maluk

West Sumbawa, Province of West Nusa Tenggara has beaches which are not less beautiful than those of Bali. One of these beaches is called Maluk Beach, located near Maluk city, Jereweh subdistrict, West Sumbawa regency. Maluk Beach is a stunning white sandy beach that arcs around to form a small bay. From Maluk beach you can see the beautiful Maluk bay. Its white soft sand makes you want to stay longer than planned, for sunbathing, surfing or visit the turtle breeding place at the beach.

Surfers Paradise

The waves at Maluk beach are called Super Suck: as the waves are rolling to the beach they are

split by a cape locals call Tanjung Ahmad. The waves can reach a height of more than two- meter. Accordingly the waves in Maluk Beach are in the list of best waves for surfers. This place is a popular destination for surfers At the beach you can hire surfing boards and canoes costing about Rp 5000 per hour.


Although public showers, areas for volleyball and playing grounds for children have been build at Maluk Beach, these facilities are simple and have limited capacity. Besides the playing grounds there are restaurants serving a menu of mostly delicious sea food or you can go into town for some shopping. A few expat bars are located in the town as well. Hotels are nearby with a rate of Rp 150.000 to Rp 250.000 per night.

Pantai Maluk

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Transport options Pantai Maluk

From the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara, Mataram it takes 6 hours drive to reach Maluk Beach: including 2 hours by ferry from Kayangan Port (Lombok) and the rest done overland.

From Sumbawa Besar Maluk beach is not far away but it takes a few hours by public bus due to the bad road and rough terrain.

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Sumbawa is an island directly accross Lombok Island. Sumbawa has become one island of thousand of Indonesian people which amazes tourists. The beaches in Sumbawa are as beautiful as those in Bali or Lombok. The nature in Sumbawa are mostlu untouched and unspoiled. Therefore Sumbawa is a proper to be one of your destinations

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Flying to Sumbawa

Sumbawa is served by Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III Airport. Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III Airport is located about 1 km west from Sumbawa. Read more about Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III Airport or look for flights to Sumbawa