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National Park Manupeu

Tambolaka, Indonesia

National Park Manupeu

Administratively, Manupeu Daru National Park is located in an intersection area of 3 districts, Sumba Barat, Sumba Tengah and Sumba Timur district. This area has been pointed as a national park by Foresty Minister in 1998. Most topography in this area are steepy hills and situated at 600 meters above sea level.

This national park is 87,984.04 hectare and a composition of some forest areas

-Manupeu Preserved Forest (9,500 hectare)

-Tanadaru-Praimamongutidas Preserved Forest (43,750 hectare)

-Praingpalindi-Tanadaru Limited Productive Forest (10,534 hectare)

-Langgaliru Conservation (24,750 hectare)

From those forests in one area, this national park has some vegetation types like primary forest, secondary forest (commonly seasonal forest), coarse grass field, bushes, grassfield and abandoned farming field. There are also other types like beach forest and mangrove forest on some part of the beach and estuary.

Manupeu Daru National Park has various flora and fauna like:

-118 kinds of plants, like sure, taduk, kesambi (tree yielding wood for chacoal), asam (tamarind), candlenut tree, casuarina tree, and lantana.

-87 kinds of birds including 7 endemic birds of Sumba Island, like champac cockatoo and Sumbanese julang which are almost extincted, Sumbanese punai, Sumbanese sikatan, Sumbanese kepodang-sungu (oriole) and Sumbanese madu.

-57 kinds of butterflies including 7 endemic butterflies of Sumba Island, like Papilio neumeogenii, Ideopsis oberthurii, Delias fasciata, Jinonia adulatrix, Athyma karita, Sumalia chilo and Elimnia amoena.

Besides various flora and fauna, Manupeu Daru National Park has its own icon, it's Lapopu Waterfall. To get to this waterfall, you can go on foot through a 600 meters footpath recently opened in 2011.

National Park Manupeu

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Tourists can choose a flight heading to Tambolaka Airport, Waikabubak. From the airport, the trip continues using land vehicle heading to Manupeu Daru National Park located in Langgaliru village, Katiku Loku village and Watumbelar village.

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