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Ternate is an islands city located at the bottom of Mount Gamalama in Maluku Utara Province. There are 5 inhabited islands and 3 uninhabited islands. There are many nature and culture tourism spots you need to visit while in Ternate.


According to Ternate language dictionary, the word "œTernate" comes from the word "œtara no ate" which means going down and lure them. The whole meaning of that word is to go down from a higher place (mountain or heaven) to lure newcomers for staying at this land. This fact is proven by many newcomers who come to ternate City such as Chinese, Arabic, Gujarat, Dutch, British, and Spaniard for ternate used to be the central of trading, government, and also Islam imperialism on the eastern side of Indonesia. Ternate is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia for it has been existed before middle time era.

Things to see

There are many interesting things you'll able to find in this city. You can go to Sultan Ternate Palace and Museum. You will see the magnificient preserved palace with its unique architecture and many collections of cultural thing inherited by Kesultanan Ternate. You can come to Fort Gamlamo, a place where Sultan khairun was murdered by Portuguese, which was also the first fort built by Portuguese in Ternate. You can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of Tolire Besar and Tolire Kecil Lake in this city.

Things to do

There are many activities you can do while in Ternate. One of them is proving a famous myth. It is said that no matter how strong you throw a stone, it will never reach the water of Tolire Lake. For you who love to fish, you can visit Laguna Lake which now has been developed as fishing and fish-breeding place. Don't forget to come to Sulamadaha Beach, a black sand beach which is one main destination in Ternate. This beach has great spots for both diving and snorkeling.

Things to eat

Visiting one place will not be complete without tasting the typical food availabe. One typical food of Ternate you need to try is gohu ikan, known well as sashimi from ternate, made of sliced raw tuna poured with salt and lime, then mixed with basil leaves, onions, red chilli and then sautened with coconut oil and sprinkled with mashed of fried peanut. This food is usually served as side dish for rice or papeda. Don't forget to try gatang kenari (canary crab). This food is included in luxurious food for the price can up to several hundred thousand rupiahs. Try also fofoki, the most favorite vegetable for Ternate people. In Ternate, fofoki (eggplant) is usually roasted or fried and poured with coconut-milk condiment on top of it.

Getting to TERNATE

Flying to TERNATE: TERNATE is served by Sultan Babullah Airport. Sultan Babullah Airport is located about 8 km north from TERNATE. A taxi into the city from Sultan Babullah Airport would cost IDR 60.000. Read more about Sultan Babullah Airport or look for flights to TERNATE


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