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Jaya Wijaya Mountains

Timika, Indonesia

Jaya Wijaya Mountains

Jaya Wijaya Mountains is the name for the mountain range in Papua and West Papua (Indonesia) to Papua New Guinea.

This mountain range has the highest mountain peak in Indonesia. Although the altitude is about 4884 m, here we can still find fossils of fish in the rocks and limestone.

That the island of Papua and the mountains were once part of the sea floor can be see from these fossils that exist high up the mountain range.

Jaya Wijaya mountain is the only mountain in Indonesia, whose top is covered by eternal snow.

Peaks in pegunugan Jayawijaya include:

  • Puncak Jaya. Has a height of about 5030 meters, and contains the Carstenz Glacier which is the only tropical glaciers located in Indonesia. This peak has also been named Poentjak Sukarno. Puncak Jaya was also one of the seven highest peaks in the world and is the highest peak in Oceania.
  • Jaya Wijaya Mountains

  • Puncak Yamin. With a height of about 4535 meters
  • Puncak Idenberg. With a height of about 4673 meters.
  • Puncak Mandala. With a height of about 4760 meters, Puncak Mandala is the third highest peak after Puncak Jaya and Trikora.
  • Puncak Trikora. With a height of about 4.751 meters.

Jaya Wijaya mountains is a paradise for hikers and geology researchers. If climbing is your hobby or you just want to visit the mountains, this is the best place you can visit. Although the distance and travel time are long and the terrain harsh, the natural beauty is worth all that.

Jaya Wijaya Mountains

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