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Tobelo City is located on the eastern of northern peninsula of Halmahera Island and also the biggest city in the island. Tobelo is the capital of Halmahera Utara district and has good coconut trees view. Beaches, small island clusters and underwater beauty will be the reason for you coming to Tobelo City.

TOBELO History

Many merchants coming from Arab (United Arab Emirate), Portugal and netherlands come to Tobelo City through sea trading route in the 16th century. Those merchants looked for spices and also wanted to spread some religion in Tobelo. At that time, this fact brought a negative influence to citizens of Tobelo who felt that the original culture of tobelo was started to disappear as the result of those new religions spreaded. But then citizens of Tobelo realized that their culture was the only unifier tool from all differences there existed in Tobelo. This fact was supported by hibualamo custom house located at the centre of Tobelo. This custom house was used as gathering place for Tobelo citizens consisted by many ethnic groups.

Things to see

You can come to Kao and Galela to be able to see historical inheritances of World War II like ancient cannon, bunker, planes runway and some battleships. Meanwhile, you will be able to find a clear-blue water lake if you come to Telaga Biru. In Tobotobo village, you will se thousands of bats live hanging on mangrove trees and bathing place for blue and white pigeons.

Things to do

Sumsum and Dodolan Island are great spots for swimming, fishing and diving while enjoying its nature exoticism. You can both do diving and snorkeling if you come to Tobotobo Sea Garden which has beautiful sea garden ans Tagalaya Island which has charming maritime with fascinating underwater. For you who love surfing, you can try Dorume Beach's wave while at Kumo Beach you can swim and take some pictures of Tobelo City right in the front of this beach.

Things to eat

One typical food of Tobelo City is Ola-ola. This food is consisted of various kinds of menu like boiled cassava, boiled sweet potato, grated and roasted cassava, sayur paku and bunga papaya, coconut-milk broth, popare, ganemo and sour broth fish. Those menu are mixedtogether on a plate made of wako leaves. There's also mulu bebe fried banana, goraka water and waji boteme made of brown sugar mixed with coconut-milk.

Getting to TOBELO

Flying to TOBELO: TOBELO is served by Kuabang Airport. Kuabang Airport is located about 60 km south from TOBELO. A taxi into the city from Kuabang Airport would cost IDR 150.000. Read more about Kuabang Airport or look for flights to TOBELO


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