Exoticism of Ngurtafur Beach

Tual, Indonesia

Exoticism of Ngurtafur Beach

Maluku Province is well-known for many nature beauties. One of them is Ngurtafur Beach in Warbal Island, South-East Maluku Regency. This beach has a quite exotic of nature beauty. This beach has a distinction, that is white sand beach spreads out from Warbal Island to the sea for two kilometers along and seven meters wide. So if you are standing here on this sand beach you will find that here it seems like two beaches on your both sides. This beach also has crystal clear sea water which possible for you to see coral reefs beneath the water. That makes Ngurtafur Beach becomes a perfect place for swimming or snorkeling.

Here is a species of turtles named Penyu Belimbing which is called as "Tabob" by residents. Penyu Belimbing is a rare and protected turtle species. Due to its rareness, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) established turtle breeding place in here. Besides that, this beach also becomes the haven for immigrating pelicans from Australia. You can get this bird watching if you are lucky.

Not many people knowing Ngurtafur Beach. The best time to visit this beach is on April-May and October-December in every year. This is due to good weather and calm waves are most available on those months. Don't forget to bring your own meal if you want to go Ngurtafur Beach because no any restaurant nor food seller are available here. But if you want to stay longer here, you can get your accomodation around the Ngurbloat Beach.

Transport options Exoticism of Ngurtafur Beach

To get to Ngurtafur Beach, you can take your flight to Tual City. From the airport of Tual City you can continue your trip to Debut Port where you can rent a motorboat to reach Ngurtafur Beach. The rent fee depends on your deal with the owner of motorboat, but it is usually cost around 700,000-1,000,000 IDR vv with boat capacity up to fifteen passengers and take about one and half hour boating.

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Tual City is located in Maluku Province. This city is a city with 66 small islands. From those many islands, there are only 13 islands which are inhabitted. This city is a result of expansion of Maluku Tenggara district. Tual is rich of sea products. So, you can easily find fascinating sea-beauty while visiting Tual, such as Ngurbloat Beach welcoming you with the softest sand in the world.

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Flying to Tual

Tual is served by Karel Sadsuitubun Airport. Karel Sadsuitubun Airport is located about 13 km south from Tual. Read more about Karel Sadsuitubun Airport or look for flights to Tual