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Wakatobi National Park

Wakatobi, Indonesia

Wakatobi National Park

One famous tourism destination known for its underwater scenery is Wakatobi National Park. This national park is located in Wakatobi district, Sulawesi Tenggara Province. Wakatobi National Park was initiated by Indonesian government in 1996. Wakatobi National Park is 1.39 million hectare covering various biodiversity and has a high priority for sea conservation in Indonesia. The National Park covers four islands, Wangi-wangi Island, Kaledupa Island, Tomia Island and Binongko Island.

There's no doubt on Wakatobi National Park's beauty and biodiversity. The famous dive journalist Jacques Cousteau said that Wakatobi is the most beautiful diving spot in the world. There are 750 of the total 850 coral species in the world. If you've never been trained in diving, you need not to worry for the depth in Wakatobi is variated. There are many kinds of colorful corals, fishes, turtles and birds you can find in Wakatobi.

This national park's water area is usually become a stop-by place for migrating whales. If you're lucky, you can see that rare moment. Wakatobi National park is really worthy to visit and of course, this beautiful location is only in Indonesia. The best time to visit Wakatobi National Park is between March-May and September-November.

Wakatobi National Park

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Transport options Wakatobi National Park

Nowadays, there's a flight heading to Wakatobi, Matahora Airport. This airport is located in Wangi-Wangi Island, the entrance to get to Wakatobi National Park. You can continue heading to several islands by speed boat with estimated time below:

Wangi-Wangi Island "“ Kaledupa island for about an hour

Kaledupa Island "“ Tomia Island for about three hours

Tomia Island "“ Binongko Island for about an hour

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Wakatobi is served by Matahora Airport. WakatobiMatahora Airport is located about km from Wakatobi. A taxi into the city from Matahora Airport would cost IDR 100.000. Read more about Matahora Airport or look for flights to Wakatobi

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