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Ndaa island

Wakatobi, Indonesia

Ndaa island

Ndaa Island is a small island located in Wakatobi district, Sulawesi Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Ndaa is still in the Wakatobi National Park and not far from Tomia Island, a more well-known island in Wakatobi National Park.

Ndaa Island is small and by far not as popular and crowded as Tomia Island. Ndaa Island has a beautiful beach with fine white sand and an awesome panorama as found on Caribbean beaches. The sea is blue and very clear, so you can clearly see the bottom of the sea.


Snorkeling & Diving: The area around Ndaa island is great for snorkeling and diving. The sea is calm and the corals still untouched. You have to bring your own gear though as there is not a rental place on or near the beach.

Sunbathing: The island is very quiet, and far away from the crowds so you can lay on the beach and not be disturbed by anyone.

Ndaa island

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Transport options Ndaa island

You can reach Ndaa island through Tomia Island in the Wakatobi National Park. It's not far, only about an hour by boat from Tomia Island.

From Jakarta, you can take a flight to Wakatobi or Bau-Bau city. From there you first need to get on a boat to Tomia Island and then hop on another boat to Ndaa Island.

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There are no facilities whatsoever on this island so you would have to bring your own food and drinks. Also, If you want to snorkel or dive, you need to bring your own equipment or you can contact Wakatobi National Park Conservation Center.

There are no cottages, hotels or resorts at this island. But you can stay at Tomia Island.

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