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Travel Guide WAKATOBI


Wakatobi is a district in Sulawesi Tenggara Province with Wangi-Wangi as the capital. This dictrict consists of some islands ready to welcome you with its charm. Wakatobi is also a national park area consisting of various sea creatures. There are many interesting places you can come to especially its beautiful nautical spots.

Most popular


Wakatobi is an autonomous district resulted Buton district expansion. The name "˜Wakatobi' was taken from names of four big islands in the area, Wangi-Wangi Island, Kaledupa Island, Tomia Island and Binongko Island. Wakatobi is known as a blacksmith district. It was a barata area in the time of Buton Sultanate centered in Kaledupa Island. Barata area means an area which has been included in Buton Sultanate.

Things to see

You can see the unique of Fort Keraton Liya Togo consisting of stone arrangements without using cement to stick each other but using mixture of calx and white egg. You can see ancient architecture on a masjid near this built in the 16th century fort. There are still some forts you can see in Wakatobi like Fort Manga, Fort Ladomba, Fort Palahidu, Fort Patua and some others. In Anano-Runduma Island, you can see green turtles laying eggs. This island is known as turtle Island for there are many turtles lay their eggs in Anano-Runduma Island.

Things to do

Wakatobi Islands National Sea-Park, Hoga Island and Onemoba'a Island are the great spots for either snorkeling or diving for thes places have exotic sea creatures you can explore and see. You can buy weaving fabric like sarong and folding mat directly from the maker in Kaledupa Island. In Binongko Island, you can grab the pictures of blacksmith activities. Taking pictures of settlement life of Bajo Tribe on the sea is an interesting activity you can do in Wakatobi.

Things to eat

One typical food you can try is kasuami made of grated cassava then squeezed and steamed. This food is usually served with fish. You can also try Wakatobi chicken curry and karasi cake or maybe barongko, a food made of steamed banana using banana leaves.

Getting to WAKATOBI

Flying to WAKATOBI: WAKATOBI is served by Matahora Airport. Matahora Airport is located about km from WAKATOBI. A taxi into the city from Matahora Airport would cost IDR 100.000. Read more about Matahora Airport or look for flights to WAKATOBI

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