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Train Tickets KA: Argo Jati

KA Argo Jati travels between Cirebon (CN) and Jakarta (GMR).

New Argo Jati Train is an argo excecutive class train operated by PT.KAI. This train operates in Java Island and serves from and to Gambir Station,Jakarta-Cirebon. This train departs from Kejaksaan Station and only halts at Jatibarang and Jatinegara Station then stops at Gambir Station. It takes round trip. It departs in the morning and daytime from Cirebon heading to Jakarta. Some facilities offered by this train are every carriage has been equipped by digital information so passenger able to know train's sequence, train's speed, station and time on running text; TV, AC, reclining seat, power jack, safety baggage and clean toilet. There's also closed cabin like an airplane's cabin to save the baggage. For you who brings much luggage, don't need to worry because a baggage carriage is available on this train. Passenger's windows are modified minimalist and equipped with pulled-curtain to keep passenger's privacy. There's available room for smoker passengers. It is on dining carriage. Wifi access is available on this carriage. This train is the first Go Green Train and environment friendly train in Indonesia. Those become the distinction of New Argo Jati Train.

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