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Train Tickets KA: Argo Sindoro

KA Argo Sindoro travels between Jakarta (GMR) and Semarang (SMT).

Argo Sindoro is a train serving Jakarta Gambir - Semarang Tawang route. Argo Sindoro train, an executive class train, offers a trip from Semarang to Jakarta in the morning and vice versa, Jakarta - Semarang in the afternoon. The name Sindoro on this train is taken from the name of a mountain located in Temanggung District, Central Java, namely Mount Sindoro. As for the use of the name Argo is derived from a word in the Java language, Hargo, which means a mountain. The naming Argo signifies that this train has a higher grade than the full executive class one, although the service tends to be the same as the full executive class one.

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