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Train Tickets KA: Harina

KA Harina travels between Bandung (BD) and Semarang (SMT).

Harina train is a train serving Surabaya (Pasarturi) - Bandung route and has both business and executive classes. This train's name is taken from Sanskrit word, Harina which means deer. Harina train has a pretty unique route from Bandung to Surabaya not directly heading eastward but going west first to Cikampek, then it's course rotates heading east. Harina train is a successor of the previous train, Mahesa train. However, Mahesa's and Harina's route are a bit different. While Harina train serves Bandung-Surabaya route, Mahesa train only serves Bandung - Semarang route. Unfortunately, Mahesha train existes not for a long time due to too far distance and lack of positive response from public. That's why Mahesa train was finally replaced by Harina train. Formerly, Harina train only provided executive service. Then in 2010 the business service was added. The train previously had two departure times, in the morning and at night. But it turns out that the morning service was lack of demand, proved to be only about 40 - 60% seats filled. Responding to this fact, finally on October 1st, 2011, Harina Pagi train was deactivated. Starting on March 1st, 2013, Harina Pagi and Harina were incorporated becoming only Harina train. The route was also extended to Pasarturi Station Surabaya as a replacement for Rajawali train which was deactivated due to lack of passengers. During the journey, Harina train just stops at major stations only, ie Cikampek, Cirebon, Tegal, Pekalongan, Semarang, Cepu and Bojonegoro.

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