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Train Tickets KA: Menoreh

KA Menoreh travels between Semarang (SMT) and Jakarta (PSE).

Menoreh train is an economy class train with AC operated by PT. Kereta Api Indonesia. The routes served by Menoreh train is the same with one served by Fajar Utama Semarang and Senja Utama Semarang, the difference is that Menoreh train offers economy class with air conditioning. The name Menoreh comes from the name Menoreh Mountains stretching between Magelang district and Purworejo district, Central Java Province. Menoreh train will stop at several stations: Jatinegara Station, Cirebon Prujakan Station, Tegal, Pemalang, Pekalongan, Weleri and Batang. In addition to having Air Conditioning (AC) facility, the interior design is also quite comfortable.

Images of train Menoreh