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Train Tickets KA: Sembrani

KA Sembrani travels between Jakarta (GMR) and Surabaya (SBI).

Sembrani train is an executive class train serving Gambir Jakarta - Surabaya Pasar Turi route and vice versa. Sembrani train operation was officially launched on October 1st, 1995 and is the updated innovation of Mutiara Utara train that has been operating in advance. The name Sembrani is taken from Javanese mythology in the form of a winged horse in which the horse was the riding of God Vishnu in a puppet shadow story. Sembrani train consists of six to eight executive carriages, one eating carriage or restoration, single generator carriage and luggage carriage. This train has a capacity to carry up to as many as 416 passengers. As an executive class train, Sembrani train offers several facilities that can be enjoyed by passengers, such as comfortable interior design and equipped with silencer. The seats are equipped with a folding table and a footrest installation, two Air Conditioner (AC) in every train carriage, added with other supporting facilities such as audio / video in each carriage and quite-comfortable toilets. The train will stop at several stations, including Lamongan Station, Bojonegoro, Cepu, Tawang, Pekalongan, Tegal, and Cirebon.

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