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Train Tickets KA: Tegal Ekspres

KA Tegal Ekspres travels between Tegal (TG) and Jakarta (PSE).

Tegal Expres is an economy class train operated by PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero). This local train is included in non PSO (Public Service Obligation) economy class train. Tegal Expres train was first launched on August 11th, 2012 in order to replace KRDI Kaligung Ekonomi and KRD Kaligung Bisnis that have already been inactive. This Tegal Expres train serves Tegal-Pasar Senen route and vice versa. This train consists of five economy class carriages and one dining or restoration carriage. Each economy class carriage has a capacity of 106 people, while dining/restoration carriage has a capacity of 84 people. Although it's only economy class train, but each carriage is equipped with a fan that always works. Clean toilets and comfortable seats are provided in this train.