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Train Tickets Surabaya to Jombang

Train Ticket Surabaya to Jombang

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Surabaya to Jombang Route Information

About Station Surabaya Pasar Turi

Surabaya Pasar Turi Station is a great station serving as the main departure point of all trains going through Pantura (northbound) from Surabaya. As for the trains going through the southern and eastern line, they will depart from Surabaya Gubeng Station. The station is located at Jalan Semarang 1, Alun - Alun Contong, Bubutan, Central Surabaya and serves economy, business and executive class trains.

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Stations in Surabaya

These are the stations near Surabaya and Jombang for which you can book a train ticket online. There may be more stations near Surabaya and Jombang but they are only for local trains.

Stations in Jombang

Train schedule Surabaya - Jombang

NameDepartingArrivingTravel TimeRoute
Pasundan 04:50 06:19 1h 29m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Pasundan 05:00 06:19 1h 19m Wonokromo - Jombang
Argo Wilis 07:00 07:53 0h 53m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Sancaka 07:40 08:42 1h 2m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Ranggajati 09:20 10:23 1h 3m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Logawa 10:30 11:55 1h 25m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Logawa 10:40 11:55 1h 15m Wonokromo - Jombang
Gaya Baru Malam Selatan 11:30 12:44 1h 14m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Gaya Baru Malam Selatan 11:40 12:44 1h 4m Wonokromo - Jombang
Sri Tanjung 13:35 14:43 1h 8m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Sri Tanjung 13:45 14:43 0h 58m Wonokromo - Jombang
Bangunkarta 16:00 17:01 1h 1m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Turangga 16:30 17:30 1h 0m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Bima 17:00 18:02 1h 2m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Sancaka 17:55 18:57 1h 2m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang
Mutiara Selatan 18:54 20:43 1h 49m Wonokromo - Jombang
Mutiara Selatan 19:35 20:43 1h 8m Surabaya Gubeng - Jombang