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Cheap train tickets to Banjar

Looking for a train ticket to Station Banjar, Banjar? Find here easily all available train tickets and other relevant information. You can search for cheap train tickets to Banjar and easily compare ticket prices for different dates and stations.


Banjar Station with station code BJR is a train station located in Banjar village, Banjar sub-District, Banjar City, West Java Province. The station is located at +32 meters above sea level (masl) and operated by PT. KAI Operational Region II Bandung. Banjar Station serves all trains: economy, business and executive. Banjar Station was built on November 1st, 1894 by the state Staatspoorwegen train company that coincides with the opening of Tasikmalaya-Kesugihan railway line. In the past, Banjar Station was the interchange station for steam locomotive, the type of locomotive that flat road line into the mountain-type locomotive where there was Locomotive Depot and steam tower which now has been deactivated. But now the station is used for train stop to change machinist, locomotive or additional carriage through southbound lanes. Among the tracks on this station, there is a branch heading to Pangandaran to Cijulang, but on February 3rd, 1981 this rail line was deactivated.

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Departures from station Banjar, Banjar

NameDirectionDeparture Time
Kutojaya Selatan (#312)Kutoarjo01:39
Turangga (#79)Bandung02:06
Kahuripan (#283)Bandung02:32
Malabar (#119)Bandung03:18
Mutiara Selatan (#131)Bandung04:08
Serayu (#306)Purwokerto04:33
Argo Wilis (#6)Surabaya11:36
Kutojaya Selatan (#311)Bandung13:35
Argo Wilis (#5)Bandung14:15
Malabar (#120)Malang20:55
Turangga (#80)Surabaya21:46

Train Stations in Banjar

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