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Cimahi station is located at Jalan Stasiun, Cimahi tengah sub-District, Cimahi, West Java Province and included in first-class train station operated by PT. KAI Operational Region (Daop) II Bandung. The station was built by the Dutch colonial government in 1884 resulting the building to have European-style architecture. Among five tracks available at the station, only three tracks are active. Some trains stop in this station, among others Argo Parahyangan train, Lokal Bandung Raya train, Lokal Cibatuan train and Patas Bandung Raya train. The station is not far from the Dustira Army Hospital, St. Ignatius Catholic Church and SMP Negeri 2 Cimahi (State Cimahi 2 Junior High School). However, this station has minimal facilities.

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