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Tegal Station is a station that is under the control of PT. KAI Operational Region IV Semarang or precisely located in Tegal Timur, Tegal, Central Java Province. The station stretches from north to south. For track towards the north, it will turn east toward Semarang. As for the track to the south, it will be turned to the west where there are two branch lines with the first line heading to Brebes and the other line heading to Slawi and continued to Purwokerto. The station originally served as a JSM tram station or Java Spoorweg Maatschappij built in 1885. But in 1897, the station was purchased by SCS (Semarang Cheribon Stoomtram Maatschappij). At the time it's purchased by SCS, this station has big wooden roof covering three train tracks. In 1918, this station was renovated with a work of an architect named Henri Maclaine Pont despite retaining the roof style made in 1897. The parking area at the station is now quite well-organized, as well as toilet facilities that have been carried out repairs.

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