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Train tickets to Station Tulungagung, Tulungagung

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Tulungagung station is a train station operated by PT. KAI Operational Region VII Madiun. The station is located at Jalan Pangeran Antasari 7, Kauman, Tulungagung, East Java. The station now has four lines consisting of three active lines and one non-active line though in 1995 the station had five active lines where the fourth and fifth lines used to be a place for loading and unloading goods. In 1970s, the station was developed with supporting facilities such as weigh bridges, water towers, turntables to locomotive depot. The station also had connected Tulungagung city to Trenggalek district during the colonial era. The parking area at the station is reasonably comfortable coupled with merchants selling goods around the station.

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Departures from station Tulungagung, Tulungagung

NameDirectionDeparture Time
Malioboro Ekspres (#171)Yogyakarta10:54
Gajayana (#75)Jakarta15:46
Malabar (#107)Bandung18:26

Train Stations in Tulungagung

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