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The Reason Window Coverings When Take-Off and Landing

The Reason Window Coverings When Take-Off and Landing

4 May 2013 04:27:00

Surely you already know that at the time of flight, passenger bulkhead cover must be open when the aircraft take-off and landing. There are several reasons why it is important that you have to pay attention to:

Eyes adaptation

As you know, all things must need adaptation to the surrounding circumstances. It happens also for your eye senses. Your vision will take time to adapt to adjust from bright light and a bit dark, and vice versa. When the bulkhead window is open, eye senses don’t need to adapt to the differences between existing light outside and inside of the plane. However, for the night flight, the lights in the plane are usually turned off for your eyes to adjust.

Knowing the emergency condition

If the bulkhead window left open, when fire or a problem occurs on the outside of the aircraft, passengers can see and immediately notify the flight crew. In that situation, allowing the flight crew to take further action as procedures say.

Make the rescue easier to be done

When the bulkhead window in open position, if there is something undesirable, the rescuers will be easy to see the inside of the plane, allowing them to take actions they will carry out according to the condition on the plane.

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